Celebrating 'Companies That Care' On March 18th

Every company should mark March 18th in their calendar – at the very least, as a reminder that we can all make a difference. Today’s date is all about celebrating Companies That Care, and we at Ruff’s Kitchens would like to take the opportunity to highlight a handful of businesses which contribute to the betterment […]

National Geographic Day - The Publication's Most Striking Photos

(We wrote this piece to celebrate National Geographic’s ability to share incredible stories of humanity with the world. If you’d like to support Ruff’s Kitchen’s own humanitarian efforts, please consider donating to help feed starving children at school in Zimbabwe by clicking here.) Few publications are as well-known as National Geographic. Launching as a scholarly […]

Ruff's Kitchens Feeding Update - December 2020

It goes without saying that 2020 was a year of great challenge. Communities across the globe have struggled against the implications of the pandemic, with tales of turmoil dominating the news. Economic and health concerns are among the main talking points of the moment, but while there is much focus on how richer nations are […]

‘Can’t Feed? Don’t Breed!’ - Why A One-Child Policy Isn’t The Cure For Poverty That You Think It Is

It’s a common occurrence in comment sections: whenever a news report casts light on poverty, you can guarantee a response in which the user suggests an easy fix for economic strife: ‘Can’t feed? Don’t breed!’ With a few taps on a keyboard and a trigger finger poised to shoot the answer out into the social […]

How The UN'S Sustainable Development Goals Were Shattered By COVID-19

The ushering-in of a new year is typically an instance of contemplation, reflection and optimism, but given the events of 2020, one could be excused for any feeling of trepidation. Indeed, the past 12 months have been marred by a slew of negative events, not least by the impact of the novel coronavirus. The virus […]